Utility Locating

On Target is known throughout New England as the pre-eminent locating service. We strive to ensure that each facility is located on time with professional accuracy.

On Target Locating is the largest underground utility locating company in New England. On Target Locating represents more than 31 electric, telephone, cable and gas companies in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. We complete over one million utility mark-out requests each year. Our technicians locate underground utilities from the most remote areas of Northern New England to the most urban areas of Portland, Manchester, Boston, Springfield, and Hartford.

The Company’s growth has increased each year since its start in 1994. Staffing has grown from nine technicians in Maine to over 180 throughout New England. Many technicians have been with the company since its inception.

On Target Locating prides itself on providing its employees with the best training and technology available in the industry. New locate technicians undergo four weeks of classroom and field training, and pass both written and field tests to obtain their locating certification. Each new locate technician is closely monitored by field supervisors for an additional month. Furthermore, all technicians undergo retraining and testing each year. On Target Locating training program exceeds the training standards established by the National Underground Locating Contractors Association (NULCA). As further testimony to the quality of On Target Locating training, its trainers are frequently asked to provide training to utilities and major excavators throughout New England.

On Target Locating has managed to keep up with its fast growth in part due to its state of the art ticket processing system. This allows On Target Locating to electronically receive and dispatch to its technicians literally thousands of tickets per day. The system is completely paperless from multiple One Call centers, ticket receipts to dispatching, work completion, and customer billing. Additionally, On Target Locating customers can access their tickets twenty four hours a day, seven days a week via this website, providing real time information on the status of ticket work.

We pride ourselves on being a positive response company and strive to make our mark-outs complete, accurate, and understandable. On Target emphasizes quality. Our customers’ underground facilities are too important, both from a safety and business standpoint, to take any chances.

On Target - Utility Marking Guidelines

PDF - Marking Guidelines Page One

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