Utility Pole Setting

In the competitive environment that the utility industry finds itself today, successful companies are looking at a variety of ways to reduce operating costs.

With equipment and related maintenance costs continuing to rise, many companies have found that outsourcing certain areas of work have yielded tremendous cost benefits. One area that is common to both the electric and telecommunication industries is pole and anchor setting.

Find below why so many customers have turned to On Target for this service. Whether it is one pole to extend a power line for a new home, distribution poles, or a multiple mile run of transmission poles deep in the woods, On Target has the experience and equipment to do the job right. 


On Target sets over 4000 poles each year giving us experience second to none. Our safety and training programs meet or exceed all OSHA and ANSCI standards.  In fact, when working around energized conductors, rubber gloving to 20kV is a must. Our knowledge of your service territory saves you time. Just give us a map and the location.  We'll find it!  On and off road, dirt or ledge.


For earth work - International chassis with commander booms or GMC chassis with tel-elect booms are the standard. Augers can dig any size hole you need.

 For ledge work - International chassis with Ingersoll-Rand compressor and hammer. Drills can bore 17 ½" - 22" holes.

Maintenance - Our vehicles adhere to a strict maintenance schedule, meaning greater reliability and dependability for you. Our fleet size does include spares however, so breakdowns and maintenance are invisible to you.


From one pole to managing your entire pole setting process, On Target can handle it. You tell us where and when - we'll take it from there... including

  • Scheduling
  • Permitting
  • Coordination
  • DigSafe Notification
  • Traffic Control
  • Installation


Unit pricing or hourly labor/vehicle rate - you choose. Reduced costs associated with carrying inventory - we can provide the following:

  • Poles
  • Anchors
  • Ledge Pins

We stand by our work. You negotiate the level of service, On Target delivers. By working closely with our affiliate, we can often cut days off of the delivery schedule for those customers already using On Target's Underground Locating service for its DIGSAFE management program.

Call or E-mail today for a service call and quote.