Storm Restoration

In the Northeast, storms come often and when they do your utility company is in its most critical time of need. Many utilities and private companies throughout the Northeast count on the experience of On Target crews to help safely restore their systems. On Target is well equipped to deal with all of the elements that Mother Nature can dish out.  Whether it is road side or out on a transmission line, miles in the woods, On Target will quickly and efficiently restore service.

Call today to assure On Target is on your contractor call list in the untimely event of outages. Also, ask about a restoration contract that can assure your Utility or Telecommunication company will have the much needed assistance whenever you are in need.

Emergency Repair Service Highlights

  • Electric T&D 
  • Equipment (Standby and Active, Track and Wheel) 
  • Telecommunication cabling and splicing
  • AMI Metering Fixed Network Restoration
  • O&M Service Contracts (Electric and Telecom)
  • Restoration Service Contracts (Electric and Telecom)