Safety & Technology

On Target is well aware of the hazards on the job and accordingly dedicates many resources and makes investments to assure employee safety.  We believe that new technology plays a major role in a safe work environment.  Providing our employees with the latest technology and equipment for production helps our employees focus on the job at hand and safely complete the work.

Find below just some of the programs and technologies On Target has implemented in the recent past to assure a safe workplace for employees and competitive services for our clients.

Training Facility

On Target's training facility in Gardiner, Maine serves as a training yard and as an equipment testing and certification site for On Target power line, telecommunication and underground locating crews.  The site is equipped with transmission structures, distribution lines and poles that can be energized for line worker training along with underground wire and conduit that can serve as testing grounds for new locators and for recalibrating locating equipment.   The site also has a manhole for confined space training.  On Target holds multiple safety fairs, at the site, each year.

Downsizing Vehicle Size

Go Green with On Target.

On Target is currently in the process of downsizing the size of its vehicles.  This helps lessen the environmental impact of the many miles a locate technician puts on a vehicle each year.   Additionally, On Target continues to add new customers helping them lower their Carbon Footprint, as illustrated in the photo.  Another added benefit of outsourcing with On Target is the fact that drive time is reduced.  The locate technician can focus more attention on the locating and less on driving.

GPS in the Fleet

Two years ago On Target implemented a GPS tracking and management system in all of its 200 plus service vehicles.   The system has proven to be a valuable asset for both field and management employees. It is most helpful when dispatching technicians or line crews during emergency restoration efforts or when one of our valued customers calls in for a special request. The supervisor or manager can quickly log into a web based tracking software and re-route the closest available technician or crew.

On Target's fleet manager also takes full advantage of the system, running critical business reports, to help keep fuel costs down and track new vehicle efficiencies.  Real time data, as depicted in the attached photo, helps us keep track of the company assets and indicates whether or not a technician or crew are active and available for dispatching.

Paperless Workorder Process

On Target has made the investment and continues to invest in updates that allow them to electronically receive and dispatch, to its technicians literally thousands of tickets per day. The system is completely paperless from multiple One Call center ticket receipts to dispatching, work completion, and customer billing. Additionally, On Target Locating customers can access their tickets twenty four hours per day, seven days a week via this website, providing real time information on the status of ticket work.   On Target has recently taken it a step further and now has paperless damage investigation capabilities.

Training Programs

Locate Division Training

New locate technicians undergo four weeks of classroom and field training, and pass both written and field tests to obtain their locating certification. Each new locate technician is closely monitored by field supervisors for an additional month. Furthermore, all technicians undergo retraining and testing each year. On Target Locating training program exceeds the training standards established by the National Underground Locating Contractors Association (NULCA). As further testimony to the quality of On Target Locating training, its trainers are frequently asked to provide training to utilities and major excavators throughout New England. On Target's training objectives.

Services Division Training

On Target has a unique business/education alliance with Kennebec Valley Community College in Fairfield, ME. Almost all new employees within our Construction Division are graduates of this one year program and employees are hired as Apprentice Line Workers with 12 months credit towards their progression to First Class (Journeyman) Line worker.

The program provides students with the technical background and the manual skills necessary for careers in the installation and maintenance of electrical power, telephone, and cable television systems. Safety, pole climbing, and teamwork are emphasized throughout the program while the student learns and performs overhead and underground construction.

Line Worker Technical Skills & Progression Training: Once hired as Apprentices, line workers will be exposed to training modules via hands on work and formal skills training and written tests.

Line Worker School-3/C-Basic 

Line Worker School 2/C-Intermediate 

Line Worker School 1/C-Advanced