In what areas does On Target provide its services?

On Target operates throughout New England. Our main construction office is in Portland, Maine; with satellite offices in Winslow, Maine, and lay down yards in Massachusetts. Also, we open project offices, on an as needed basis, across the country.

The Locating Division operates with a central call center and management office in Gardiner, Maine, with regional offices located in Newington, Connecticut, and Holliston, Massachusetts. 

How has On Target managed to build such a well trained and responsive workforce?

The Construction Division has partnered with a technical college in central Maine for the majority of its line workforce. This college has a line worker certification program which graduates approximately 30 skilled line apprentices annually. These employees then work through a rigorous four year progression program in order to receive their 1st class Line Worker rating.

The Locating Division’s Training Department successfully supports expansion with programs dedicated to the development of new personnel, as well as continued training for current staff. All locate technicians are certified to National Utility Locating Contractors Association (NULCA) standards and re-certified by the company annually.

Does On Target have plans to expand its services or territory?

Yes, we have established a business plan that  allows us to grow our base business and expand into new utility related ventures.

In what trade associations does On Target participate?
Please see the Marketing and Links page. 
How many people does On Target employ?

On Target employs about 250 individuals. Approximately 65 members are in the Construction Division, 180 in the Locating Division, and 15 are in our administrative support group.

Does On Target set poles and complete line extensions for private customers?

Yes, On Target sets poles, and provides other services for both commercial and private customers. On Target provides residential, commercial, and industrial construction services, both overhead and underground. Regardless of the size of the project, we have the required experience you need. We assure first rate service at reasonable prices. For more information, please call our Portland office at 1-888-339-4991.

Where can I get more information about On Target?

Please refer to our contact page.

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